Laser Hair Removal

Guests that are tired of temporary and painful methods for removing unwanted hair can benefit from laser hair removal. The licensed laser practitioners at RevitalMed perform laser hair removal procedures using a new generation laser system called CynoSure Elite. This technology consists of two types of FDA-cleared lasers. RevitalMed uses the state-of-the-art YAG laser for darker skin types and Alexandrite laser for lighter skin. To confirm that you are a candidate for laser hair removal services, we require a FREE consultation with our Laser Practitioners. It is important to note that laser hair removal is not permanent for everyone, and some guests will need a touchup treatment once or twice a year. It is better to refer to this treatment as “laser hair reduction” for certain guests.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment Areas

Listed below are a few of the most common areas we treat with laser hair removal at RevitalMed. Pricing is based on the size of the treatment area. The treatment areas and prices can be determined during the consultation if there is uncertainty of the size.

  • Extra small area-Hairline, nose, fingers, toes, etc.
  • Small area –neck, hands, underarms, etc.
  • Medium area-lower arms, upper arms, abdomen, chest,bikini etc.
  • Large area- full face, full Brazilian, full arms, multiple areas, etc.
  • Extra Large – Full legs, full back, multiple areas, etc.
  • Half and Full body packages –Multiple large and extra-large areas. Prices are determined by the treatment area combination.

Laser Hair Removal FAQS

What hair colors can be treated effectively with laser hair removal?
Dark hair is most effectively treated, while red, blonde, and gray hairs are generally not treatable with Laser Hair Removal. During the initial consultation, your skin type and hair color will be discussed to determine if the area is treatable and the appropriate laser to use.
How much does laser hair removal cost?
The cost of the treatments is determined by the size of the treatment area. Price is not based on how much hair is in the treatment area, but the size of the treatment area. Guests have the option to choose to pay via monthly membership or per package. Pricing per area is given during the consultation and is final.
Who performs the laser treatments?
All laser treatments are performed by one of RevitalMed’s laser –trained medical practitioners. Our practitioners consist of nurses and nurse practitioners.
How many laser treatments will I need? How long will I have to wait between treatments?
Each laser package requires 12 treatments spaced every 6 -8 weeks to achieve optimal results. Results vary from person to person.
Who can get laser hair removal?
Our lasers treat a variety of skin types and complexions, but the laser’s energy is attracted to and effectively treats darker-pigmented hairs. There are certain autoimmune and immunocompromising medical conditions that may not permit a guest to be a candidate for laser hair removal. These conditions are discussed in our consultation and can be found within the consent forms.
How old should you be to receive laser hair removal treatments?
RevitalMed will not treat guests under the age of 14 years. Guests with majority gray and blonde hairs will not respond to the laser. Only the darker hairs will be treated effectively.
Are there any risks with laser hair removal?
The laser treatment system is designed to remove hair efficiently and safely with no downtime. All possible risks can be found on the laser hair removal consent form.
Does the treatment hurt?
Minimal discomfort is felt during the treatment procedure. The sensation is compared to that of a very slight snap of a rubber band. Treatment time depends on the size of the area being treated. RevitalMed utilizes measures including the Cynosure Zimmer cooling system to minimize discomfort during each laser treatment.
Should I be worried about laser radiation to my skin?
You should not be worried about harmful radiation during laser hair removal treatments. There are two basic types of radiation, Non-ionizing radiation and ionizing radiation. Hair removal lasers produce NON-ionizing radiation, which is the radiation of light and is FDA-cleared for your skin. Ionizing radiation represents x-rays, ultraviolet (UV), and nuclear radiation which is harmful for your skin.
Can I tan after laser hair removal?
Sun exposure can negatively affect results and should be avoided for two to four weeks before the treatment and two weeks after. Tanning and exposure to sunlight can cause your skin to become sensitive to the light energy used in the hair removal process. This can put you at a higher risk of hyperpigmentation or even burns or scarring. Sunless tanners must be completely removed prior to treatment.
Do men commonly receive laser hair removal?
Men undergo laser hair removal treatments, mainly in areas such as the back, shoulders, chest, abdomen, and face. These areas are not exclusive and RevitalMed can treat most areas requested. We do not treat the scalp or directly on eyebrows.
How does RevitalMed ensure Laser Hair removal for dark skin is safe?
During your treatment consultation, our medical professionals determine which laser will be effective and safe for your skin based on your skin tone, ethnicity, and Fitzpatrick scale number. We have also incorporated Skintel®, the aesthetic industry’s only Melanin reader to increase treatment efficacy.
Is there anything I should do to prepare for my laser hair removal procedure?
The root of the hair must be present in the follicle for the laser to identify it, so avoid waxing, tweezing, epilating, and use of depilatory creams or anything that might disturb the hair follicle. Instead, shave the treatment area the day before or day of your appointment. Avoid Direct sunlight for four weeks prior to treatment. Avoid bleaching creams and retinol creams prior to treatment. Remove makeup, topical creams, lotions and deodorant prior to treatments.